It’s never a dull moment when YARON BEN SIMHON is around! One of the most creative and charming choreographers from Israel, Yaron’s hits include Kama Chaser, Ani Lo Yacho, Ha’auto Sheli Hayofi Shelach, Kanire, and Hi Rak Rotza Lirkod. We are so excited to celebrate Yaron’s birthday with him at Brandeis!



With a sense of humor that will keep you laughing all weekend, ELAD SHTAMER brings his enthusiasm and unlimited fun to L.A. for the first time in five years! His hits include Et Lirkod, Ten La Et Halev, Ha’or Yizrach, and Ilan. Elad will keep you dancing ’til the early morning hours all weekend long!


With 20 years of experience teaching kids and adults, ORLY STAR aims to entertain with her endless warmth and talent! She leads “Dance with Orly” on Wednesdays and “Mostly Partners” on Monday nights in Los Angeles. Her dances include Hafinali, Suddenly, Tutim, Toro, Danza, Halaila Zeh Hazman, Tizkor, Hinach Yafa, At Bali Tov, and more. Orly exudes an electrifying energy that is both contagious and unparalleled!



By day, JASON GOLDMAN is a science journalist and wildlife reporter. Find his work in National Geographic, Scientific American, the BBC, and elsewhere. He founded and directs an annual science communication retreat called SciCommCamp and also leads small groups of travelers on science- and wildlife-focused ecotourism vacations in the tropics in partnership with Atlas Obscura. By night, Jason makes sure everything runs smoothly at dance sessions all over L.A. He can’t wait to bring nearly two decades of dance camp experience to Camp Shelanu!