YARON BEN-SIMHON is back with us again joining the Camp SheLAnu 2024 staff! One of the most brilliant, charismatic, and charming choreographers from Israel, Yaron has been invited to travel around the world for decades sharing his beautiful dances at countless workshops and camps. His popular dances include Machshavot Belibi, Bachur Chadash, Kama Chaser, Ani Lo Yachol, Ha’auto Sheli Hayofi Shelach, Kanire, and Hi Rak Rotza Lirkod. Yaron always looks forward to seeing all of his L.A. friends at Camp SheLAnu! We can’t wait to celebrate his 50th birthday together at Camp Shelanu 2023!


We are very happy to announce that MICHAEL BARZELAI will be joining our 2024 Camp SheLAnu staff! Michael is 34 years old, and grew up in Haifa, Israel. He started dancing when he was 8 years old with his mother, who also dances. He started to work professionally in dancing at age 23, and in 2015 was invited for the first time as a teacher to a dance camp where he taught his first dance, La Trompeta. Since then, he has choreographed more than 30 dances that are being danced around the world and in Israel, including Achshav Ani Chozer, Normali, Resisim, Tzipor Zahav, Aneni, Bechayay, Salam, Al Hasafsal, and Betoch Niyar Iton. When he is not dancing or choreographing he works as an Electronics Engineer. Michael lives in Or Akiva, Israel, and has a 5 year old daughter.



With over 20 years of experience teaching kids and adults, ORLY STAR aims to entertain with her endless warmth and talent! She leads the always thrilling “Dance with Orly” session on Wednesday nights in Los Angeles. Her dances include Hafinali, Suddenly, Tutim, Toro, Danza, Kvish Hachof, Tizkor, Hinach Yafa, At Bali Tov, Comme Ci Comme Ca, Imperia, and more. Orly exudes an electrifying energy that is both contagious and unparalleled!



After spending more than a decade working as an award-winning science journalist, author, and wildlife ecotourism guide, JASON GOLDMAN now works in Strategic Initiatives for Camp Ramah in California. Jason brings more than two decades of dance camp management experience to Camp Shelanu, and is especially known for organizing the amazing late-night snacks!

Beginners’ Program / DJ / Late Night

AARON ALPERT has been Israeli dancing since before he could walk! He started teaching in 2007 at the student-led UC Berkeley DeCal class. Today, he runs a high-energy weekly session called Nirkoda Le’Chayim in Palo Alto, CA, and he directs an Israeli dance camp and wine tasting event called Nirkoda Ba’Kerem. With Aaron joining the Camp SheLAnu team, we’ll all get to relive a little of that Zoom-Cali magic!