COVID-19 Policies

1. Will Camp SheLAnu require COVID vaccination from all attendees?

In order to ensure that Camp SheLAnu can proceed as safely as possible, we ask for your help in adhering to all relevant guidelines for large gatherings, including submitting proof of complete COVID vaccination.

It is the policy of American Jewish University and the Brandeis-Bardin Campus that all participants who are eligible for vaccination must be fully vaccinated. By February 17, 2023, at least fourteen days must have passed since receiving the second shot of the Moderna or Pfizer vaccines, or one shot of the J&J vaccine.

You must submit your proof of vaccination in order to be fully registered.

For those who are unable to be vaccinated, please reach out for a confidential conversation about your situation.

Per American Jewish University policies, boosters are recommended but at this time are not required.

2. Will Camp SheLAnu require that attendees wear face masks?

We hope that masks will be optional while indoors, but we will rely on and enforce any applicable state and county rules at the time of camp.

3. Are there any other restrictions or policies? Will I have to test beforehand?

We do not anticipate requiring that attendees complete a rapid test before camp, though we certainly appreciate it if you choose to do so anyway. However, Camp SheLAnu, American Jewish University, and the Brandeis-Bardin Campus reserve the right to implement additional safety restrictions if advised or required to do so. We appreciate your understanding!

Thank you for help and partnership in ensuring the safety of our community!